Welcome to my blog! I’m Ellie, I’m 19 and a Physics student from the UK. This blog is a place to share my own experiences with uni life, health and relationships as well as my hot takes on news and pop culture.

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Getting Tested for Coronavirus

Over the last two weeks, I’ve experienced the whole spectrum of coronavirus symptoms, testing and results. Here’s my experience. Feeling ill On Tuesday evening (12th May), I began experiencing slight symptoms of coronavirus: headaches, temperature, nausea and feeling generally achy and out of breath. Later that night, I was sick and this carried on intoContinue reading “Getting Tested for Coronavirus”

review & react: “not cool enough”

In April, Ruby Granger posted a YouTube video: “not cool enough”, where she talked about her experiences with high school popularity, following fads and fast fashion. Ruby explained that she had always disliked falling into popular trends because she didn’t feel ‘cool enough’ to enjoy them, and so had actively diverted herself away from ‘cool’Continue reading “review & react: “not cool enough””

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